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We Plan, You Party

Outdoor Movie

Movie Night

Love watching movies but don't want to be around a bunch of randos? This package is for you! 

We'll bring an epic 33ft movie screen so you can have an amazing outdoor movie experience with your favorite people. Click the button below to learn more about our movie night packages. 

Luxury Picnic

No matter what you're celebrating, whether it's a birthday, engagement, anniversary, proposal, that big promotion you just received or you just want to celebrate how much you love your friends, our luxury picnic parties are there for you to get out in nature and enjoy life.


We take care of all the details from bringing the food to setting up décor so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Friends Having Picnic
Wedding Decorations

Custom Event Package

Not seeing an event package that meets your needs? We can create a custom event package just for you! 


Click the button below to share your dream event vision with us.

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